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Available Positions to Apply for 

Thank you for your interest in working with us. We are currently looking for hard working and honest individuals to join our team. We need self-motivated, organized and detail-oriented who are dedicated to providing customer-oriented service in a timely manner with a smile. If this describes you, please check below for available job opportunities that meet your criteria. If you want to show us your personality, please feel free to email us a headshot, your resume and a cover letter explaining why you'd be a perfect fit for our team to

Wait Staff | Server

Bartender | BarBack

A Sip Of Class is seeking a friendly catering Server who can deliver excellent customer service while memorizing our menu and company protocols during events. The Restaurant Server will be responsible for taking food and drink orders from attendees, and then delivering those orders to the proper people in the kitchen and the bar. Additionally, you will act as a table busser, assist with assembly and address all attendee concerns as the front of house CSR. If you have previous experience as a Server in a catering company and a dedication to providing excellent service to customers, we want to hear from you.

A Sip Of Class is seeking a friendly and enthusiastic bartender to provide an excellent guest drinking experience. Good bartenders will be able to create classic and innovative drinks exceeding customers’ needs and expectations. Barbacks are responsible for backing up bartenders. One can expect to maintain stocks, change kegs, collect empty glasses, maintain the premises, ensure there is plenty of clean glassware, and re-stocking ice. Essential qualifications for this job are dexterity, the ability to lift weights, attention to details, teamwork, multitasking, and good communication skills.


Delivery Driver 

A sip of class is looking for a skilled Cook to prepare delicious meals according to our menu. You will cook dishes that will delight our customers with their taste and timely delivery.

An excellent cook must be able to follow instructions in cooking and delivering well-prepared meals. They must be deft in moving around the kitchen and apt in multi-tasking. Experience in using various ingredients and cooking techniques is also important. The goal is to help preserve and enhance our reputation so we can expand our clientele.

 A sip of class is looking for a licensed and insured transportation expert to safely deliver and pickup catering items, rentals, and cuisine.​ An excellent driver must possess a drivers license, pass a background check,  must be able to follow navigational directions via GPS. They must be deft in being familiar with the DMV or New York area and be available to pick up and drop off deliveries at the required times. Experience in customer service and issue mediation will be useful.