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About ASOC

Who is Chef Rex?

"When I started A Sip Of Class, I did so with the mindset that I wanted a company that focused on professional service and Southern hospitality.

Growing up in Memphis, Tn, I worked many years in the hospitality industry especially during my College years. After working as corporate manager, I realized that it wasn’t for me and I had a different calling. I started this brand to be able to give you reasonable pricing, great food and the greatest experience possible."


What is A Sip Of Class ?

ASOC | Catering in New York, NY

We handle everything from Weddings to Corporate parties. Our job is to make you and your guests happy that you decided to invest in a full-service luxury catering experience.

We want to make sure that we go above and beyond what you hire us for. Making you smile and keeping us in mind for future events is always the goal.

Now let us service you with A Sip Of Class!

Event Services  

ASOC infuses their experience, expertise and passion into each event we cater and organize. We guarantee to make your day special by providing a comfortable ease-of-process that promotes a stress free journey throughout the coordination of your event from start to finish.  

Bartending Services

Full service catering | luxury catering New York, Ny | DMV Area

If you're looking for mobile bar solutions, you are in the right place.We specialize in bespoke cocktail bars and events of any scale including corporate events, weddings, and special celebrations. Our bartenders are licensed with experience in making classic drinks and experimental concoctions.  

High-end Event Rentals

Luxury catering New York, NY | Corporate Drop off catering New York, NY
ASOC provides rentals of high-end luxurious glassware, table linens, and dish-ware for any scale of event. We carefully choose our pieces to match the highest standards of the industry. We are a one-stop shop for any and all event rental needs. 

Full Service Catering

Luxury catering New York, NY | Corporate Drop off Catering New York, NY 
ASOC proudly offers catering services for your personal or business needs. Our catering services range from the most elegant affair to a business luncheon  or a picnic at the park. We will meet your event needs by exploring options and ideas with you. You will find ASOC catering staff to be professional, pleasant, and quick to meet your needs.