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Full Service Catering Vs. Partial Catering

By definition, full-service catering and partial catering are drastically different. However, many are uncertain of what exactly those differences are, that's where this post comes in at. We are going to outline what full-service catering and partial catering are and three significant differences of each. If you enjoy this post, be sure to check out our portfolio and the services that we offer so that we can make your next event truly memorable.
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What is full-service catering?
Full-service catering is a service offered by full-time catering companies that specialize in providing event set up, decor, luxury dish, and decor rental, servers, bartenders, and event planning services if needed. These services differ from partial catering services because full-service caterers specialize in catering, so their services are specifically geared towards your every need. If you want stress free event planning, we highly suggest opting for full-service catering. If you're going to work with a caterer who your event planner is unfamiliar with, do not be afraid to introduce them. After all, this is your event, and your desires are what's most important to all parties involved. Also, one thing to consider is that many caterers make all of their food from scratch, so it's healthier for you and your guests and you have more range in personalizing your menu.
What is partial catering?
Partial catering services are generally offered by restaurants or hotels that deliver food, but they do not provide the additional services that full-service caterers offer. Since established restaurants provide this service, you usually are limited to what they currently serve on their menu. If you want a more customizable option, consider opting for someone who specializes in catering or a full-service caterer.
Main attributes to full-service catering:
1. The full staff is provided: Your guests do not have to serve themselves. Everything from drinks to dessert will be delivered to their table, and once they're done with an item, it will be cleared from the table as well. If you want the guests to focus on enjoying themselves, this is a service that will be of value to everyone at your event.
2. You can get your venue setup and venue clean up in one place: Think of it as a one-stop shop for all of your venue needs. If you need a guarantee that things will be as they were before you rented a venue so that you can get your deposit back, definitely consider this option. One thing to consider is that it's significantly cheaper to opt for a full-service caterer than it is to pay for each of these services separately.
3. Luxury decor and glassware rental: If you have been planning your event for a while, you have probably noticed the hefty price tag on luxury rental items such as decor and China. You can save quite a bit on your final bill by using this added on service with a full-service caterer, rather than outsourcing this item on your own. Many full-service caterers own their luxury rental, or they partner with agencies you're interested in working with. You should try to avoid paying full price for a service, that a full-service caterer can get at a discounted price.
Side note: If you are interested in creating a profitable side hustle, please email us and ask about our affiliate program. We offer $100 per referral that confirms the booking. Contact us at
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